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Services Spotlight: Engineering

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As a specialized power engineering group, PTI offers system design and data analysis services to prevent future disturbances and failures. Our highly-trained engineering staff ensures that these solutions are both energy efficient and compliant with industry standards.

System Design: Our Engineering staff creates dynamic, cutting-edge design and engineering solutions that are customized to your project’s unique specifications.

System Protection Studies & Analysis: Using state of the art power quality instruments, PTI is able to monitor and analyze power systems for transients, sags, surges, imbalances and other disturbances that can be detrimental to the operation of a facility. This enables us to provide you with accurate power consumption and load requirement values. We have the capabilities to provide our customers with true RMS, single and multi-phase power from several minutes to one month.

Energy Efficiency: PTI has a wealth of expertise to help you implement more effective, energy-efficient systems, improve operational effectiveness and optimize participation in incentive programs. We have helped numerous organizations reduce utility costs.

Compliance: NFPA 70E requirements mandate accurate, up-to-date single-line diagrams. These documents are essential for documenting, troubleshooting and communicating information about your power systems. To meet these requirements, PTI can conduct a comprehensive site survey that is essential to develop or to update existing single-line diagrams or complete electrical system drawings.

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Safety Tip of the Month: Communication is Key!

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A safe, efficient job starts with effective communication. Remember, effective safety communication is:

  • Interactive. It flows both ways. You speak about safety and you listen to employees’ concerns and suggestions.
  • Informative. It tells employees what they need to know to work safely under all conditions.
  • Positive. It focuses on the exchange of ideas and information to improve workplace safety and prevent accidents and illness.
  • Productive. It allows you to interact successfully with employees and spread your safety message to all who need to hear it.

Safety Training Recap

Potomac Testing’s Monthly Safety Meeting was held on August 15th, 2017. This meeting is a time for all our technicians to come together to discuss the latest safety issues affecting the industry and share job experiences that benefit the group. This continued education effort is just one of the ways we aim to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

This month we focused on the importance of Jobsite Surveys, both before and after the job has been completed. All too often, our technicians find themselves in a situation that requires immediate action and safety can sometimes become a secondary thought. By taking a few minutes to discuss the intricacies of the project, safety becomes the primary focus once more.

A few simple questions at the beginning of a job can prevent serious, long-lasting injuries:

  • Where are the exits?
  • Should an event occur, where should we meet off-site?
  • What are the potential hazards on this project that may not be currently present?

At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to go home the same way they went to work— happy and healthy! By making safety your primary focus, you’ll never lose sight of that goal.

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Get to Know PTI: Welcome, Steve Thunell!

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PTI is proud to welcome Steve Thunell to the team! Steve was hired in September as a Senior Electrical Systems Engineer. Steve graduated from West Virginia University with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, is a Registered Professional Engineer and has several years of experience in the utility industry. He comes to us from an engineering consulting firm as a Project Protection and Controls Engineer. He was a Lead Engineer with responsibility for developing electrical schematics, panel layouts, relay settings, project budget, man power, quality assurance, researching equipment standards, purchasing the equipment, and delivering customer satisfaction.

Steve lives with his wife, Cheryl, and son Tyler in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Their favorite summer vacation spot is at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. They also enjoy vacationing in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and Disney World in Florida.  On weekends, they can be found at Kennywood Park, a local amusement park. Steve is excited to be part of the Potomac Testing team and is looking forward to meeting the challenges that lie ahead!


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A Job Well Done! PTI Receives Rave Customer Review

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PTI recently received a wonderful note from one of our customers raving about the service they received from one of our engineers, Craig Biggs. We take every opportunity as an organization to recognize and reward the hard work of our team and have included a snippet of the note, below. Congratulations on a job well done, Craig!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my personal appreciation for the quality of work performed by Craig Biggs.

Craig recently completed a project to replace electro-mechanical relays with new SEL digital relays that also communicated with the base operation center and base high voltage shop at our organization.

This was a total replacement that required new control wiring, switchgear door modifications, relay settings and system commissioning. In addition, Craig provided training to government personnel on both the relays and the work station. 

During the course of re-wiring, Craig was able to identify numerous deficiencies in the current circuits.  Craig engineered and with government approval make the necessary changes in the current circuits.

Prior to actual installation on-site, Craig created a mockup of all the equipment and ensure every piece communicated to each other as required.

Due to the complexities of the missions of our company, scheduled or unscheduled outages were not authorized to perform this installation.  Craig completed the installation without a blink of the lights.  

Craig is the ultimate professional and his efforts support his dedication to complete a project that brings credit to both himself and Potomac Testing.

Thanks for Craig’s efforts and Potomac Testing’s continuing support of our organization.



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Customer Spotlight: Removing Electro-mechanical Relays

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Recently, at a critical military installation, PTI completed a project removing legacy electro- mechanical relays with digital microprocessor relays. These relays are used to provide protection and control of the medium and low voltage distribution systems at the facility. Besides giving the customer more protective schemes than existed before, they allow the customer system status communications with the facility’s operation center and the high voltage engineering center at the facility. This task was a challenging endeavor that required significant wiring and switchgear modifications. Because of the vital mission for this site, no interruption of power was possible. During PTI’s testing and commissioning of the modified equipment, PTI unearthed shortcomings with the switchgear circuitry. PTI then provided solutions to the site engineers for their approval and executed the accomplishment of those tasks.

All PTI technicians are NETA certified, receive periodic product (relay, switchgear, controls, etc.) training and understand equipment operations. This allows them to provide recommendations and to engineer solutions to uncovered shortcomings.

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