PEARL Certified Shop Services

After years of use, grease breaks down and breakers will start to “trip free”. WD40 is not the answer when that air circuit breaker refuses to latch! Breakers in this condition can be refurbished. We maintain a large inventory of breaker parts so our technicians can fully remanufacture most makes and models of service-aged equipment.

Invest in scheduled maintenance before you reach that point and you’ll greatly extend the life of your expensive, critical electrical equipment – and avoid costly downtime.

Potomac Testing has a dedicated staff and shop to repair, refurbish and retrofit low voltage power breakers. We’ll safely transport your breakers to our facility and completely disassemble, clean, repair, and lubricate them to PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League) guidelines.

As a NETA certified shop, our technicians will also perform a complete evaluation before releasing a refurbished breaker including visual and mechanical inspections and primary current injection.