Acceptance and Maintenance Testing

Acceptance Testing is a critical step in the installation and start-up process for any new or refurbished electrical distribution equipment. Every new installation should be energized with this peace of mind:

  • Verifies new equipment was manufactured to specification requirements.
  • Confirms no damage during shipping or installation.
  • Provides a solid benchmark for future performance.
  • Ensures a non-destructive start-up.

Maintenance Testing is just equally important throughout equipment life to ensure safety and optimum operation, reducing the likelihood of unplanned outages:

  • Maximizes system reliability.
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Ensures safe operation.
  • Avoids costly repairs due to component failure.

As an independent, third-party service provider, we evaluate all equipment with an unbiased, expert opinion. At the heart of Potomac’s business, Testing is in our name because it’s how we first built our mid-Atlantic reputation for consistent, top quality power system support.