“The Lights Never Even Blinked” – Critical Relay Upgrade

Recently, at a critical military installation, PTI completed a project removing legacy electro- mechanical relays with digital microprocessor relays. These relays are used to provide protection and control of the medium and low voltage distribution systems at the facility. Besides giving the customer more protective schemes than existed before, they allow the customer system status communications with the facility’s operation center and the high voltage engineering center at the facility. This task was a challenging endeavor that required significant wiring and switchgear modifications. Because of the vital mission for this site, no interruption of power was possible. During PTI’s testing and commissioning of the modified equipment, PTI unearthed shortcomings with the switchgear circuitry. PTI then provided solutions to the site engineers for their approval and executed the accomplishment of those tasks.

All PTI technicians are NETA certified, receive periodic product (relay, switchgear, controls, etc.) training and understand equipment operations. This allows them to provide recommendations and to engineer solutions to uncovered shortcomings.