Potomac Testing,Inc. Welcomes Erik Pollock

Potomac Testing, Inc. a NETA Accredited Company, welcomes Erik Pollock from the Center for Applied Technology(CAT) South as the newest addition to our testing and engineering family.  Currently enrolled as a senior at South River High School/CAT South, Erik will be working in our Circuit Breaker Refurbishment/Upgrade Shop under the direction of George Riddle.  In this position he will be exposed to the techniques required in the trouble shooting and repair of low and medium voltage Air Circuit Breakers to include the teardown and reassembly, as well as the retrofitting and testing in our PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League) Certified shop.

In partnership with Tammy Diedrich, the Work-Based Learning Coordinator at CAT South, we hope to continue providing workplace opportunities for students in Anne Arundel County that want to experience classroom electrical and mechanical theories being applied in real world situations.