Engineering Studies and Consultation Services

As a specialized power engineering group, PTI offers system design and data analysis services to prevent future disturbances and failures. Our highly-trained engineering staff ensures that these solutions are both energy efficient and compliant with industry standards.

System Design: Our Engineering staff creates dynamic, cutting-edge design and engineering solutions that are customized to your project’s unique specifications.

System Protection Studies & Analysis: Using state of the art power quality instruments,  PTI is able to monitor and analyze power systems for transients, sags, surges, imbalances and other disturbances that can be detrimental to the operation of a facility. This enables us to provide you with accurate power consumption and load requirement values. We have the capabilities to provide our customers with true RMS, single and multi-phase power from several minutes to one month.

Energy Efficiency: PTI has a wealth of expertise to help you implement more effective, energy-efficient systems, improve operational effectiveness and optimize participation in incentive programs. We have helped numerous organizations reduce utility costs.

Compliance: NFPA 70E requirements mandate accurate, up-to-date single-line diagrams. These documents are essential for documenting, troubleshooting and communicating information about your power systems. To meet these requirements, PTI can conduct a comprehensive site survey that is essential to develop or to update existing single-line diagrams or complete electrical system drawings.